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Dear students


Maris Stella


Each of you will be a designer of our future society.

Therefore, we will ensure that your comments are recorded in a professional film. 
Each student of this class group will find her or his way. This film will keep you connected forever, a little bit.
One day you might have a reunion. Then you will enjoy your joint creation. More vivid than a photo.

With this concept you can also prove that you are citizens of the world. 
That you understand the perspectives and opinions of foreign colleagues.

Step 1.

 If you film individually from home, go to step 2, please.

Division in groups of up to 4 or 5 students: the Film Crews.

When you're divided into film crews, each of you can choose a task: camera, sound, interview, presentation or script. You can choose two same tasks in one group. It is important that each of you can film and appears into the movie.

                                                             Tips for each responsibility:

Camera: When you film, make sure the smartphone does not move. Keep the smartphone horizontal, that gives a better movie effect. If you film someone, make sure that the light falls on that person and that it does not come from behind that person. Make sure that a head is completely in the picture and don't stand too far. Try to find a beautiful background.

Sound: You make sure there are no disturbing sounds around. It is important that the presentation is very audible. If necessary, you need to ask the people around to be quiet. Do not shoot in an empty room or in the corner of a room, otherwise you will have bad sound. If you shoot outside, there may be no wind otherwise the sound will be lost. Sound is as important as the other tasks. Do your best, please, you can do it!

Interview: You ask the question in your sympathetic, personal way. You listen carefully to the other and ask more questions if you think there is too little response. Stay interested in the person that answers.

Script: At each recording you say the number of the question and count down: "3, 2, 1...action". It would be good if you clap hands after "action". You note that the correct answer from your crew is spoken and that everyone can say their opinion. If necessary, you will report if asked.

Presentation: You speak spontaneously and honestly, otherwise the viewer will not believe you. If you speak, look straight into the camera and do not turn your face, otherwise the sound will disappear. Do not try to say too much 'euh'. Don't be shy. Be sure! 

Step 2.


It would be nice if you would introduce yourself with just your first name and your ambitions for later.
Record it with your smartphone or tablet and forward it along WeTransfer to
Then we can test the quality of picture and sound here. 

Please, let us know if you have questions about sending.

Step 3.

 3,  2,  1,... action!

    Don't forget these 4 most important Film Tips, please!    

Stable film. If the image shakes too much, it gets on the viewer's nerves. Background is important;
Horizontal, if you hold your smartphone horizontally, it gives more cinema effect;
Audio is important. Not too far to film. Watch ambient noise and do not turn the camera off too fast. If you film outside, make sure that the wind does not blow away the sound without you noticing;
Light on what you're shooting. Make sure the backlight is not too strong.

For the teacher

Of the first assignment, we need a shot of each student. This as a safety-shot.

But if you wish, you can divide the other questions among your students. 

Then the editing can be completed faster.

Can you please forward a list with only the first names of the participating students? 

To thank in the end credits of the film.

Dear students, 

your Film Assignments:

Make it yourself comfortable and relax
Don't be shy, but spontaneous and confident as you can be together. 
 Don't answer with 'yes' or 'no', but give your personal touch. 
When you answer, say first the number of the question.
Stop the camera after each answer.
And let your positive genius creativity run free. 

Make something 

beautiful of it!


Chapter Inland:

Introduce yourself one by one with your first name and your ambition what you want to study or become later.

2. Do you remember that first day at this school? Tell briefly how and by whom the stress disappeared.

3. Did you make friends here soon? Can you tell about how you made friends here?

4. Please tell about a moment that a teacher helped you.

5. Maris Stella Malle is a Christian school. Can you give an example or experience about that?

6. Could you be yourself here? Please give an experience about that.

7. What is the most funny experience you have had in this school?

8. What values ​​in life do you consider important?

9. What do you expect from this world in the future?

10. After this year, each of you will walk your own life path. Do you have a message for your classmates?

11. Do you have a positive message for your teacher(s)? 

12. Can you think of a positive message for your parents? For example: "Now I don't always agree with you, but never forget that I will always be thankful to you."

13. What is your experience with this Film Hour? 

When filming in school:

14. Ask your teacher if there is still hope in today's youth. And in you?

15. If possible, film the facade of the school and the most pleasant places in the school where you have good memories. Please explain why these places are important.

16. Film another film crew in action.

Step 4.

Send your art... but only the best shots.

In order to receive the editing faster, it is wise to send only the best shots. 

If you have filmed in film crews, make this selection in consultation of each of you. 

If not all of you agree to delete a shot, send it anyway. 

It's best to send your footage along WeTransfer to preserve the quality of the image.

You can send for free until 2GB. Contact us if you have questions about sending.

Please send it to 

Don't forget to mention 

your first name and the name of your class and school.

Step 5.


Chapter Abroad:

Are you ready to meet your colleagues abroad?

Record your 'Film Assignments Abroad' and send it via WeTransfer to your foreign colleagues 

with the request to return their opinions. 

1. Introduce yourself with your first name, age, field of study and what you want to become. Ask your foreign colleague(s) to do the same.

2. To break the ice. Tell about your most funny or embarrassing experience in school.

3. What are your feelings about corona?

4. Tell about your tips to study and ask if your colleague abroad has also tips.

5. What values in life do you and your foreign colleague consider important?

6. Tell about your expectations of our future society and ask for the opinion of your foreign colleague.

7. What would you like to know about your colleague(s) abroad? Come up with your own question(s). 

8. Please make short shots of getting out of bed, breakfast, your journey to school, the facade of your school, until you arrive in the class room (if allowed) and ask your foreign colleague to do the same.

Step 6.

After agreement of your foreign colleague(s), send your selection of the best shots via WeTransfer to:

Don't forget to mention 

your first name and the name of your class and school, please!

Well done, folks!

Step 7.

The Film Première.

Your footage will be edited here as quickly as possible.

Your teacher will be the first to receive your joint creation.

Meanwhile you can organize invitations for an exclusive Film Première.

You will hear from us soon.

With best regards,

the ID Award-team.


You can always reach us by email at 


on mobile phone and Whatsapp 

00 32 (0)496 611 570

We look forward to help you!