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ID Award offers two exciting pedagogical projects: 

the Film Hour inside the school 


the Film Expedition outside the familiar school walls

in the education centre of Malle (Belgium).

In each of these two projects, pupils film specific assignments. 

About experiences in school, friendship, ambitions.... 

With wishes to classmates, teachers, parents...

Each pupil learns to present themselves better with this concept.

The contemporary, joint creation strengthens the class spirit.

The result will be an unforgettable film in which each participating pupil shines.

A lasting memory for classmates and school team. 

Much more vivid than a class photo.

The Film Hour makes it possible to connect with a class group from another country. 

Messages recorded by one class group are then sent to the other class group to reply.

So that students can exchange experiences and dreams with each other.

Highly recommended for self-reinforcement in foreign languages.

The ID Award team provides support, translation and 

edits the footage into an engaging video. 

The teacher receives the final editing and retains supervision with all rights.

Today, more than 3,000 pupils, teachers and principals have participated.

Each time with great satisfaction. The concept received appreciation from the Ministry of Education because: 

"It fits into the framework of guiding young people to become global citizens and 

give them hope back in a world without hate".

All info:

Wout Van Hecke


2390 Westmalle (Belgium)


mobile: 00 32 496 611 570


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