de KUNST om te 'ZIEN'

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to the site of our audio-visual production house for education!

ID Award offers two exciting educational projects: 

the Film Hour inside the school and the Film Expedition outside the familiar school walls.

In each of these two projects, students film specific assignments. 

About experiences in school, friendship, ambitions.... 

With wishes for classmates, teachers, parents...

The ID Award team edits these images into an engaging short film. 

The teacher receives the final edit and retains all rights.

With this concept, every pupil learns to present himself better in Dutch, French or English.

The concept is also recommended to strengthen the classroom spirit.

Because the film becomes a lasting memory, more vivid than a class photo, 

in which every pupil shines.

So far, more than 3,000 pupils, teachers and principals have participated.

Each time with great satisfaction....